About Us

First, there is no 'us.'  Just me. And you. Independent like.  But we are not formally connected. No PAC here. No data banks nor rolodexes (look that up!). No ROBO calls from us. No funds collected and none wanted nor solicited.  And no employees. AND we have no candidates and are not endorsing any. Yet.  And may not unless we get some real good, capable election lawyers to help.  Why is this?  Campaign laws. If we are NOT connected, do not work together, do not collect nor spend money, then we are what we intend to be: a media/news organization. A helpless but informative BLOG perhaps. Not even found on a Google search. An unorganized, not coordinated citizens' group - undefined and not recorded. No organization. Simple.  And do not look for us on Facebook.

That's about IT, for About Us. For now.        But you may wish you helped NewCongress.org grow to be MORE now than in 2, 4 or 5 years from now. 

Contact Information

   There is no need for you to contact us nor for us to contact you. For now. If this changes, we will contact you. Somehow. 

    But first we'd have to check with our lawyers in spite of what the First Amendment Freedom of Speech clause has to say.


 They're HOPING you don't find us! 

 Who Owns*   "Your" Senator or Congressperson? 

*That is, if campaign contribution MONIES do help get someone elected to power in Congress.

(hint: You, we, do not "own", nor control, our members of Congress.  The money they get from campaign contributors and their own selfish motives MAY control them, but NOT you. Nor I.  BUT we do have the power to vote them OUT, or to reelect them. To create OUR NEW CONGRESS.  One MORE responsive to US, and to OUR needs and demands.)

To learn WHO gives HOW MUCH $$$ to get reelected to "YOUR" member of Congress, click here: https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress   and ENTER the NAME in the SEARCH box for your Senator or US Representative. (Call your area newspaper to learn who they are...)


For instance: Who "Owns"  Senator Murphy of Connecticut ?

Christopher S Murphy
Senator (D - CT)
  • Appropriations
  • Foreign Relations
  • Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
First Election:
Next Election:
TOP INDUSTRIES 2013 - 2018
Lawyers/Law Firms
Yale University
Paul, Weiss et al


Campaign Committee & Leadership PAC Combined Fundraising, 2013 - 2018

Raised: $13,182,811  
Spent: $5,551,213
 $5,551, a
Cash on hand: $7,749,367
Debts: $ 0
LAST REPORT: 04/28/2018         













Top Contributors, 2013 - 2018

Contributor Total Individuals PACs
Yale University $90,644 $90,644 $0
Paul, Weiss et al $60,405 $60,405 $0
JPMorgan Chase & Co $60,245 $37,745 $22,500
J Street $58,455 $58,455 $0
General Electric $49,640 $19,140 $30,500
Industry Total Individuals PACs
Retired $1,060,145 $1,060,145 $0
Lawyers/Law Firms $1,039,423 $1,006,770 $32,653
Democratic/Liberal $856,468 $838,938 $17,530
Securities & Investment $785,682 $624,682 $161,000
Insurance $472,089 $60,589 $411,500

Total Raised vs. Average Raised

abcdefhiklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefhiklmnopqrstuvwxyz$0$2.2M$4.4M$6.6M$8.8M$11M0608*1012141618Total Raised by Christopher S Murphy - Campaign Committee & Leadership PACCombinedAverage Raised by Senate Members - Campaign Com